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Over 28 years of experience as toy retailers, having started our mail-order business back in 1988 with the Folkmanis® Puppets range, we know from experience: good toys are important! In the past years we have seen a steadily increasing interest in quality toys from parents, grandparents, teachers, early childhood facilities, therapists, and many others working with children. Therefore, we keep increasing and changing our collection, offering you new, quirky, stimulating and classic toys for all ages.

Our distribution center is located in Germany, but we pride ourselves in our fast shipping-service to other European countries. Please let us know if you have an urgent request. Our team is multilingual, and we can offer assistance in English, French and Spanish. Should you like to speak to a customer service member, ring us, or request a call-back via email, phone or fax, and we will be happy to contact you at your convenience, free of charge.

Our invoices are printed in several languages and currencies ( e.g. Euros, Swiss Francs or British £ ), and we have bank accounts in several European countries.

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