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Project Description

Giant Bubbles and more


Giant Bubbles – Gigantic bubbles and bubble tubes made easy with the Bubble sword. Pull the sword out of the bubble solution and clamp it at the touch of a button. Move slowly or hold against the wind. Already huge soap bubbles are created.

Bubble Swords, Touchable Bubbles, Bouncing Bubbles and many other great bubble  ideas. There is a lot more!

Sparkling Bubble Sword– Large soap bubbles at gently, and many, many small bubbles during fast movements. 4 colors sorted. Refill bottles available.

Touchable Bubble – Bubbles to touch. They develop strong strength when floating, so that they can be caught with the palm of the hand or stacked on the fingertip. A outdoors toy.

Mini Bubble Blizzard – thousands of small  bubbles. Spray some of the liquid on the screen as soon as the surface is covered, there are a lot of small soap bubbles when blowing. After a few seconds they become stable and can be caught. Or they simply fly on. A outdoors toy Contents: 1 x blowpipe with blow screen, 1 x bottle with soap bubble liquid.

Bouncing Bubble – Bubbles for throwing, catching, balancing. With the magic gloves, a little patience and a quiet hand it folds. Suitable as a partnership game or alone. Contents: 1 glove small and large, 59 ml soap solution, subcenter and soap blowing funnel for blowing.

Foamy Bubble – Bubble Foam. With the blowpipe you make as high a Wabbelturm as possible. You can balance, throw, and catch him again. The enclosed magic gloves make it possible.

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