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Project Description

Creative wooden toys


Each KIPOD toy has an educational aspect to it and the child learns a skill. Either to construct, to fold, to tie or to balance.

The idea is to make the toy first, then play with it. The main component is wood and other elements such as paper, wool or washi tape.

Each kit is packed in a fun, sturdy box with full instructions.

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  • Pom Pom Lion

    Art-Nr: 44701

  • TaDa

    Art-Nr: 44704 TaDa by Kipod Toys Ta-Da is a circus balancing toy by Kipod toys. A wooden toy for kids of all ages. The toy is made up of happy and colorful circus characters piled on top of each other, using the balance of the characters to create fun circus show. The circus manager, acrobats, dancers, weightlifters, animals and different characters from the circus, come together to create a fun and entertaining game. Age: 3

  • MY 3 JOSCHKA - Animals

    Art-Nr: 44710 MY 3 JOSCHKA - Animals von Kipod Toys Making kit Matroschka dolls A diverse and awesome assembly kit for making Matroschka Babushka dolls. The kit includes three wooden dolls of different sizes and 35 special rubber parts: For example hats, glasses, eyes, ears and more. Create different, funny figures, a king and queen, a prince, clown, a nice lady, a rocker, and various other characters. The rubber parts fi t all sizes of the dolls, creating a different, interesting and exciting new character each time. Great fun and great for developing creative thinking and imagination. Age: 3 years

  • Make & Match

    Art-Nr: 44707 Make & Match by Kipod Toys Creative kit and play that children can print their own memo game, the printing is done on the wooden coins using special printing stickers. Fun and creative game for the development of memory, fine motor skills and creativity. Age: 4 years

  • Stangram

    Art-Nr: 44706 tangram by Kipod Toys A combination of an ancient Chinese game with technology and modern design. Special wooden magnetic stamps that allow children to assemble and stamp a variety of characters, animals, buildings and more. Place the stamps on the stamps holder according the instruction cards, and stamp on the coloring book or any other page, then paint the coloring book with the stamping. A great creative experience alongside development of imagination, creativity and fine motor skills for kids Age: 4 years

  • Woody Gami

    Art-Nr: 44703 Woody Gami by Kipo Toys WoodyGami- creative toy for creativity by Kipod toys. A fun and challenging creativity kit for the development of fine motor skills and creative thinking. With this kit, kids create different animals by folding paper origami and wooden shapes. There are instructions to follow for the paper folding part for each of the figures, and at the end these are joined together with the various wooden shapes. Age: 5 years