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Project Description

The rythm is it!


Games arround rhythm and drumming

Off Beat
Cool rhythm and movement game. Here is tumbled, snapped and clapped the hands. You can not keep the „beat“ or do the wrong action? Then you are out for this round. With OffBeat we managed to combine a board game with a musical instrument (= Cajon). The rhythmic game made of cardboard has a cajon with snare carpet installed, which can be heard.

Biff Baff
The musical game-fun for family, kindergarten or school.
Biff Baff is the crazy drum game to discover the musician is in you. The music game features 13 different game variations to develop your sense of rhythm. The integrated rotary disk will lead you and the other players through the different rhythm patterns. Who can keep the beat going the longest ? The game is made of wood which ensures stability. Improves sense of rhythm and helps building social skills.

BeatBox „Pappe-la-Papp“
The drum stool made of cardboard is the perfect entry-level instrument for kindergarten, school or home. Small price and great sound of the cardboard drum stool makes drumming a phenomenal experience for young and old. Due to the built-in snare system, the stool has a concise snare sound that can compete with entry-level models made of wood. Simple folding system enables quick assembly and dismantling – for space saving storage. The stools are delivered in white for individual design. Colorful own designs make them a perfect fit to the enviroment.

Size: 35 x 35 x 35 cm
Weight: 1,5 kg

Table drum (Cajon)
Small box, great sound …
Ready for play in school or preschool and
used as a table or floor drum. Its made of
high-quality birch wood and space-saving
due to its flat design. Nevertheless, the
sound is quite good with snare system to
create different bass and snare sounds.

Size: H 5 x B 25 x T 25 cm.
Weight: 350 g

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