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Project Description

The perfect Modelling Compound

Toki Dough

Introducing a new, magical arts & crafts activity brand, rooted in Kawaii design, a global trend that translates to “cute” in Japanese.

Toki Dough modeling compound doesn‘t dry out, molds impeccably, is smooth, flexible and stretchable, and is super easy to clean up.

The colorful, imaginative creations that can be shaped with Toki Dough are never-ending!

With two fingers in the seat you can drift, do „wheelies“, jumps, 180° spin outs, invent your own tricks, possibilities are endles.

Real mechanics – with our combination of patended steering system, real suspension, tight turning radius, and finger sized bucket seat, you can drive them like no other car.

Hextool with swivel cap – Quickly take apart your ride. The retained socket head screws won’t get lost.

Functional & durable – Designed from the beginning for immersive, long lasting hands on. Interact with real mechanics, feel physics in action.

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