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The most creative Puppet Maker in the World!

FOLKMANIS® believes imagination is the key to a healthy childhood, encouraging play and discovery to develop the skills necessary in life.

The company has been making the most innovative and engaging specialty puppets in the world since 1976, delighting imaginations and winning nearly every industry, child development, and kid-tested award – many repeatedly.

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  • Sitting Dog

    Art-Nr: 2006 Sitting Dog by Folkmanis Puppets The balls in your court, but this dog wants it back! Eager as only a dog can be, hes more than ready for playtime. Animate his mouth with one hand and wag his tail with the other and youll have people wanting to come and pet him! 12" LONG, 15" TALL, 9" WIDE Movable mouth

  • Mini Winged Piglet

    Art-Nr: 2685 Mini Winged Piglet by Folkmanis Puppets When pigs fly? The time is now! This velvety little piggy defies the laws of gravity. With a magnets in their noses, two of them can kiss or hang on to your refridgerator. 3.5" LONG Fingerpuppet

  • Piglet

    Art-Nr: 2949 Piglet by Folkmanis Puppets With its sweet smiling face and curlicue tail, this PIGLET PUPPET is all yours to sing along with your favorite barnyard tunes, zip-line through the forest, or snuggle in your arms. 15" LONG, 7" WIDE, 10" TALL Movable mouth and forelegs

  • Green Macaw

    Art-Nr: 3078 Green Macaw by Folkmanis Puppets Bring the tropics home with the perfect companion bird, the Folkmanis GREEN MACAW puppet. Animate the mouth and wings to mimic a real parrot. 22" LONG, 6" WIDE, 22" TALL Movable mouth and wings.

  • Little Puppet Counter Display

    Art-Nr: 4013 Counter Display Rack - Designed for Little Puppets - Holds 14 puppets 11.9" LONG, 16.5" WIDE, 15" TALL This counter rack is specially designed for our Little Puppets line. Slide the puppets on to 14 coated wire loops for easy display.

  • Little Snowy Owl

    Art-Nr: 3151 Little Snowy Owl by Folkmanis Puppets The Folkmanis Little Snowy Owl is ideal for small hands. Kids can flap the wings to give flight to their imaginations. 8" Long, 6" Wide, :8" Tall, Weight:2.24 oz. LITTLE PUPPET Movable head and wings.

  • Shark

    Art-Nr: 2064 Shark by Folkmanis Puppets You can run but you cant swim fast enough to evade this awesome predator of the deep. Fortunately, his skin is soft velour and his teeth are vinyl, so even if he catches you, youll feel no pain from this cuddly but fierce! Shark puppet. 22" LONG, 5" TALL, 6" WIDE Movable mouth

  • Sheepdog

    Art-Nr: 2029 Sheepdog by Folkmanis Puppets He pants, he barks, he hunts for fleas, he wags his tail, he tilts his head quizzically, he sniffs your sleeve and he makes your friends believe hes real, all with your help, of course. But a hidden entrance and long fur hide the secret of your participation, so prepare to charm and be charmed by the magic of one of our most popular puppets. 22" LONG, 6" TALL, 11" WIDE Movable mouth

  • Little Pteranodon

    Art-Nr: 3050 Little pteranodon by Folkmanis Puppets Dinosaur fans will delight in the LITTLE PTERANODON puppet. Ideal for small hands, this flying reptile is a wonderful companion on trips to the natural history museum! 3" LONG 7" TALL 10" WINGSPAN Movable mouth and wings

  • Alpaca

    Art-Nr: 2953 Alpaca by Folkmanis Puppets Prized for their lustrous, warm fleece, Alpacas grow their long wooly coats to withstand the crisp mountain air. The Folkmanis ALPACA Puppet is as soft and gentle as a Peruvian flower. Its sweet face and ultra-soft micro fiber body plush make this Alpaca puppet irresistibly cuddly. 19"LONG, 8"WIDE, 17"TALL Special Features: Movable mouth.

  • Great Horned Owl

    Art-Nr: 2403 Great Horned Owl by Folkmanis Puppets Tall, silent, with curving "horns" and stern-looking, yellow eyes, the Great Horned Owl possesses a disturbing beauty. At night, in the dark when we have trouble seeing, he startles us with a sudden, "Who-who-whoooo!" And we are glad we are not smaller than he. This magnificently crafted puppet features feather-like plush, movable wings, a rotating head and blinking eyes. 9" LONG, 18" TALL, 5" WIDE Movable wings, head rotates with a handle, levers make the eyes blink Mechanisms for eyes and head

  • White Mouse

    Art-Nr: 2219 White Mouse by Folkmanis Puppets Alert and eager, this adorable rodent sits hoping for cheese, or maybe it would rather keep you company at your computer? With big ears and a movable mouth and arms, hes a small fellow who will be a big favorite. 5" LONG, 8" TALL, 5" WIDE Movable mouth

  • schwarzer Panther / Black Panther

    Art-Nr: 3155 Black Panther by Folkmanis Puppets Stealthy and sleek, the Folkmanis Black Panther puppet adds mystery and might to any team sport or superhero story. Animate the mouth to evoke the true nature of this powerful creature, your new spirit animal. Movable mouth 71 x 23 x 20 cm

  • Raven

    Art-Nr: 2430 Raven by Folkmanis Puppets With its movable beak, this Raven puppet will crow "Nevermore!" from the treetops until the dawn breaks. This highly intelligent bird is a prevalent figure in traditional mythology and fairy tales around the world. Often depicted as a trickster or a creator, this Raven will make a perfect storytelling companion. 20" LONG, 16" TALL,8" WIDE Movable mouth and wings Wing pockets for extra movement

  • Mini Klapperschlange / Mini Rattlesnake

    Art-Nr: 2789 Mini Klapperschlange Mini Rattlesnake Coiled and ready to strike out boredom is the Folkmanis Mini Rattlesnake finger puppet featuring printed snakeskin and rattle...be warned. Fingerpuppet Rattle in tail 13 x 3 x 13 cm

  • Mini Einsiedlerkrebs / Mini Hermit Crab

    Art-Nr: 2786 Mini Einsiedlerkrebs Mini Hermit Crab Inspire shy little ones to come out of their shell with the engaging Folkmanis Mini Hermit Crab finger puppet featuring textured shell and printed crab body fabric. Use three fingers to move head and claws and pull in and out of shell for interactive fun. Fingerpuppet Movable head and legs 15 x 8 x 8cm

  • Elefant für die Puppenbühne / Elephant Stage Puppet

    Art-Nr: 2830 Elefant für die Puppenbühne Elephant Stage Puppet This ELEPHANT STAGE PUPPET is one armful of fun with unique fabrics and a fun, movable trunk. Stage Puppet Movable mouth and front legs 25 x 33 x 28 cm

  • Schottisches Hochlandrind /Highland Cow

    Art-Nr: 3167 Schottisches Hochlandrind Highland Cow A "moovable mouth gives life to the extraordinary Folkmanis Highland Cow puppet. Known for having a gentle demeanor, this rustic cattle breed features distinctive long horns and a ginger colored, wavy, wooly coat to warm your heart. Handpuppet Movable mouth 41 x 28 x 25 cm

  • Mini Regenbogenforelle/ Mini Rainbow Trout

    Art-Nr: 2788 Mini Regenbogenforelle Mini Rainbow Trout Go fishing for fun with the Folkmanis Rainbow Trout finger puppet featuring realistic shimmery skin fabric and flowy fins. Fingerpuppet 18 x 5 x 5 cm

  • Mini Meise / Mini Chickadee

    Art-Nr: 2787 Mini Meise Mini Chickadee Popular with birders, the Folkmanis Mini Chickadee features soft printed fabric skin with black, yellow, and white markings. Fingerpuppet 15 x 8 x 8 cm

  • Meernymphe / Sea Nymph

    Art-Nr: 3171 Meernymphe Sea Nymph Travel the imagination to mythological times with the Folkmanis Sea Nymph. Gentle and beautiful with flowing hair and a graceful fishlike tail, animate the head and jointed arms to charm the seas and become the hero of your own story. Tail wraps around wrist Jointed movable arms 30 x 20 x 8 cm

  • Junges Känguru / Small Kangaroo

    Art-Nr: 3170 Junges Känguru Small Kangaroo The Folkmanis Small Kangaroo puppet is so cute youll want to take it everywhere in your pocket. This expressive juvenile joey has a long tail and bouncy big ears that come to life with movable mouth and forelegs. Handpuppet Movable forelegs 30 x 25 x 13 cm

  • Snail

    Art-Nr: 2028 Snail by Folkmanis Puppets He may be slow, but at least hes not slimy! This expressive Snail puppet, as well as being soft and cuddly, also has workable horns and mouth. With these features, he can show surprise, remorse, joy, dejection, and numerous other emotions, and he also retracts into his shell if things get too overwhelming. 8" LONG, 10"TALL, 6" WIDE Movable mouth Pulls into shell.

  • Murmeltier / Groundhog

    Art-Nr: 3169 Murmeltier Groundhog Poking his head out for some sunshine is a marvelous marmot, the Folkmanis GROUNDHOG puppet. This garden pal has an expressive face and movable mouth and forelegs to dig in deep and plant the seeds of imagination. Handpuppe Movable mouth and forelegs 36 x 20 x 15 cm

  • Wolliges Schaf / Wooly Sheep

    Art-Nr: 3166

  • Häschen in grau / Gray Bunny Rabbit

    Art-Nr: 3168 Häschen in grau Gray Bunny Rabbit The Folkmanis Puppet population welcomes Gray Bunny Rabbit to the family. This cuddle bunny features buttery soft skin, a sweet face and velvety ears that come alive with movable mouth and all four legs. Handpuppet Movable mouth and all legs 20 x 13 x 18 cm

  • Hase / Hare

    Art-Nr: 3164 Hase Hare Standing tall and motivating you to think fast is the Folkmanis Hare. Seemingly just another rabbit, this puppet with movable mouth and forelegs can lead you down the hole of inquiry to discover that they are very different from other rabbits. Handpuppet Movable mouth and forelegs 28 x 38 x 23 cm

  • Nilpferdbaby / Baby Hippo

    Art-Nr: 3165 Nilpferdbaby Baby Hippo Plump and plushy soft, the Folkmanis Baby Hippo puppet is quite the character. Unique printed fabric skin and realistic facial detailing along with movable mouth bring this cuddly creature to life in your hands. Handpuppet Movable mouth 41 x 18 x 18 cm

  • Drachen Armband / Dragon Wristled

    Art-Nr: 3163

  • Mini Shark

    Art-Nr: 2777 Mini Shark by Folkmanis Puppets Solitary playtime is made more fun when kids can imagine the seas theyll swim with the Folkmanis Shark finger puppet. 8" Long, 4" Wide, 3" Tall, 0.64 oz. Fingerpuppet

  • Barn Swallow

    Art-Nr: 3140 Barn Swallow by Folkmanis Puppets Birders rejoice in the beautiful Folkmanis Barn Swallow puppet. Exquisite design is accented with steely blue-black feathered plush, cinnamon colored facial features and an iconic forked tail that comes to life magically with your hand movement. Note: 10" width is wingspan 8" Long, 10" Wide, 1" Tall, 0.8 oz.

  • Einhorn / Unicorn

    Art-Nr: 3161 Unicorn by Folkmanis Puppet Beguiling in its beauty, the mythical Unicorn comes to life as a Folkmanis Puppet. This graceful white creature has a metallic rose-gold spiraled horn, lovely long eyelashes and a flowing pink mane and tail adorned with floral accents. Animate mouth Movable mouth Music box 66 x 23 x 20 cm

  • kleiner Wolf / Little Wolf

    Art-Nr: 3160 Little Wolf by Folkmanis Puppets Kids can have a howling good time animating the mouth and forelegs of the Folkmanis Little Wolf puppet. Movable mouth and forelegs 23 x 23 x 15 cm

  • Luchsbaby / Bobcat Kitten

    Art-Nr: 3158 Bobcat Kitten by Folkmanis Puppets The Folkmanis Bobcat Kitten puppet is a handful of furry fun. Sweet and soft with brown and tan spotted plush, this wide-eyed critter has movable mouth and legs for multiple ways to play. Movable mouth and all legs 25 x 23 x 13 cm

  • stehende Schildkröte / Standing Tortoise

    Art-Nr: 3156 Standing Tortoise by Folkmanis The Folkmanis Standing Tortoise puppet is a fun character for giggly play. Movable mouth and forelegs add life to a wonderfully expressive face and super stylish printed tortoise shell. Movable mouth and forelegs 30 x 28 x 20 cm

  • Kanada Gans / Canada Goose

    Art-Nr: 3157 Canada Goose by Folkmanis Puppets Take a gander at the Folkmanis Canada Goose puppet. This popular and common North American bird has movable head and wings to add fun and frolic to your next wild goose chase. Movable head and wings 38 x 25 x 38 cm

  • Löwe / Lion

    Art-Nr: 3154 Lion by Folkmanis Puppets Big cat lovers will be proud to own the new 24 Folkmanis Lion puppet. Animate the mouth through his luxurious mane to imagine his ferocious roar, then find the magnet closure to fasten the mane to his back for regal posing. With head held high, this kin Movable mouth Magnet closure 81 x 28 x 20 cm

  • mexikanischer Schwanzlurch / Axolotl

    Art-Nr: 3152 Axolotl by Folkmanis Puppets The Folkmanis Axolotl puppet is a fascinating marine salamander will feathery pink gills, soulful eyes and movable head and tail. Recently a viral social media meme, this adorable yet endangered creature will inspire your natural curiosity. Movable head and tail 23 x 8 x 10

  • kleines Chamäleon / Small Chameleon

    Art-Nr: 3153 Small Chameleon by Folkmanis Puppets Captivating and colorful, the Folkmanis Small Chameleon puppet is a perfectly sized pet toy. High quality printed fabric and intricate design details along with a movable mouth bring this exquisite creature to life in your hands. Movable mouth 30 x 13 x 10 cm

  • Großes Smoky Mountain Tier Set / Great Smoky Mtn Animal Set

    Art-Nr: 2784 Great Smoky Mtn Animal Set by Folkmanis Puppets Kids can have hours of creative, on-the-go playtime with the Folkmanis Great Smoky Mtn Animal Set. Perfectly portable, find four finger puppets of red salamander, American black bear, skunk and red fox along with species information in the colorful canva 8" tall bag with four 3" finger puppets 2 x 20 x 13 cm

  • Mini Schlange / Mini Snake

    Art-Nr: 2783 Mini Snake by Folkmanis Puppets The extraordinary Folkmanis Mini Snake finger puppet is coiled and ready for nature exploration. Fingerpuppet 13 x 3 x 13 cm

  • Mini Assel / Mini Roly Poly

    Art-Nr: 2782 Mini Roly Poly by Folkmanis Puppets Also known as pillbug or potato bug, the Folkmanis Mini Roly Poly finger puppet is a fun insect friend with big eyes and exoskeleton plates that move with a curl of your finger. Fingerpuppe 11 x 3 x 5 cm

  • Mini sitzender Frosch / Mini Sitting Frog

    Art-Nr: 2780 Mini Sitting Frog by Folkmanis Puppets Were not croaking aroundthe Folkmanis Mini Sitting Frog is fun at your fingertips! Fingerpuppet 13 x 8 x 4 cm

  • Mini Goldfisch / Mini Goldfish

    Art-Nr: 2781 Mini Goldfish by Folkmanis Puppets Nothing fishy here with the playful and fun Folkmanis Mini Goldfish finger puppet. Fingerpuppet 18 x 5 x 5 cm

  • Yak

    Art-Nr: 3150 Yak by Folkmanis Puppets New to the herd, the Folkmanis Yak puppet is ready to trek for adventure. A hairy cattle species from central Asia, this realistic puppet has wonderful fur and expressive features along with movable mouth and swish-able tail. 20" LONG; 13" TALL; 6" WIDE; 12.4 OZ Movable mouth

  • Giant Panda Cub

    Art-Nr: 3149 Giant Panda Cub by Folkmanis Puppets Create pandemonium with the ultra-huggable Folkmanis Giant Panda Cub puppet. This magnificent creature with movable mouth, beckons you to frolic and tumble, play and learn. Kids will engage in conservation education happily with this amazing animal puppet. 21" LONG, 21" TALL, 14" WIDE, 25.9 OZ Movable mouth

  • Ladybug Life Cycle

    Art-Nr: 3148 Ladybug Life Cycle by Folkmanis Puppets Play-based learning is FUNdamental with the three-stage reversible Folkmanis Ladybug Life Cycle puppet. This wonderful soft toy demonstrates ladybug metamorphosis from egg to larvae to adult. Utilize zippers to move thru the stages and watch the natural curiosity of kids bloom as they learn while playing with this extraordinary scientific toy. 10" LONG, 4" TALL, 7" WIDE, 5.6 OZ Three stage - Reversible

  • Whistling Dolphin

    Art-Nr: 3146 Whistling Dolphin by Folkmanis Puppets Dive to the depths of imagination with the playful Folkmanis Whistling Dolphin puppet. Kids will learn as they play with this bottlenose dolphin with movable mouth and unique expressive sound produced with a gentle squeeze to the body. 19" LONG, 8" TALL, 7" WIDE, 6.3 OZ Movable mouth. Whistling air-bag squeaker

  • Anglerfish

    Art-Nr: 3147 Anglerfish by Folkmanis Puppets A luminous creature with special alLURE, the Folkmanis Anglerfish is an extraordinary puppet. Shes on the hunt for fun with movable mouth, eyes, and a light-up LED lure to illuminate imaginative play. 15" LONG, 9" TALL, 5" WIDE, 7.2 OZ Movable mouth and eyes. LED light-up lure

  • Mini Schwertwal / Mini Orca

    Art-Nr: 2779 Mini Orca by Folkmanis Puppets Harness the power of the ocean with the Folkmanis Mini Orca finger puppet. Fingerpuppet 15 x 8 x 5cm

  • Hot Dog

    Art-Nr: 3145

  • Mini Tortoise

    Art-Nr: 2778 Mini Tortoise by Folkmanis Puppets Take peek-a-boo fun on the go with the engaging Folkmanis Mini Tortoise finger puppet that tucks into its shell. 6" Long, 5" Wide, 2" Tall, 1.12 oz. Fingerpuppet Movable head and forelegs. Retracts into shell.

  • Mini Blauhäher/ Mini Blue Jay

    Art-Nr: 2785 Mini Blauhäher Mini Blue Jay The Folkmanis Mini Blue Jay bears the perky crest and signature markings of this common songbird in tones of blue with black and white accents. Fingerpuppet

  • Mini White Mouse

    Art-Nr: 2776 Mini White Mouse by Folkmanis Puppets Carry your Folkmanis White Mouse finger puppet in your pocket to amuse and delight your friends. 4" Long, 2" Wide, 2" Tall, 0.16 oz. Fingerpuppet

  • Owlet

    Art-Nr: 3138 Owlet by Folkmanis Puppets Newly hatched, the Folkmanis Owlet puppet seeks the warmth of your embrace. Soft and scraggly, imagine this baby raptor thriving with your love to spread its wings and fly. 9" TALL, 6" WIDE, 3.6 OZ Movable head and wings

  • Lambkin

    Art-Nr: 3142 Lambkin by Folkmanis Puppets Fresh from the farm, the Folkmanis Lambkin puppet is ready to explore. Kids can tell barnyard tales with the movable mouth and grow compassion for new life caring for this sweet and cuddly baby lamb. 19" Long, 6" Wide, 15" Tall, 8.96 oz. Movable mouth.

  • Shih Tzu Puppy

    Art-Nr: 3143 Shi Tzu Puppy by Folkmanis Puppets The Folkmanis Shih Tzu Puppy is a life-size toy dog breed perfect for the youngest puppeteers. Kids will be thrilled to bring this pup-pet pooch to life with simple gestures to move its mouth and shake its tail. 15" LONG, 11"TALL, 6" WIDE, 7.7 OZ Movable mouth

  • Robot

    Art-Nr: 3144 Robot by Folkmanis Puppets The future is now with the Folkmanis Robot puppet. Crafted by imagination, this cool vintage-looking automaton is out of this world with movable mouth, arms and digits. 8" Long, 7" Wide, 16" Tall, 7.84 oz. Movable mouth, arms and claws. Note: Finger openings underneath claws.

  • Katta / Ring-tailed Lemur

    Art-Nr: 3159 Ring-tailed Lemur by Folkmanis Puppets A conspicuous character with vivid striped tail, the Folkmanis Ring Tail Lemur is a wonderful puppet. Also known for expressive facial features, stare deep into its eyes and animate the mouth to know the story of life in Madagascar. Movable mouth and forelegs

  • Pomeranian Puppy

    Art-Nr: 3139 Pomeranian Puppy by Folkmanis Puppets The adorable and cuddly Folkmanis Pomeranian Puppy is a puppet pet thats perfect for playtime! Activate this poochs personality when you animate mouth, head and forelegs of your new fur-ever friend. 17" Long, 7" Wide, 11" Tall, 11.52 oz. Movable mouth and forelegs.

  • Labradoodle

    Art-Nr: 3136 Labradoodle by Folkmanis Puppets Delight the dog lover in your family with the sweet Folkmanis Labradoodle puppet. Full of playful personality, animate mouth and head to fall fully in love with this remarkably realistic pup-petyour new best friend. 20" LONG, 16" TALL, 8" WIDE, 15.8 OZ Movable mouth

  • Little Mole

    Art-Nr: 3141 Little Mole by Folkmanis Puppets The Folkmanis Little Mole puppet is a welcome friend in any garden play scene. This cute critter is unmistakable with a large snout, movable mouth and claws for digging. 5" Long, 5" Wide, 8" Tall, 2.56 oz. Movable mouth and forelegs.

  • Small Peacock

    Art-Nr: 2834 Small Peacock by Folkmanis Puppets The full-sized Folkmanis Peacock has won multiple awards. Now with the same fabulous colors highlighting the male bird, the 10-inch SMALL PEACOCK is a wonderful new addition to any toy box. Easy to use by simply placing an open hand in the "feathers" like a glove and wiggling the finger, puppet movement is endless. Amazing detail and unlimited play value make Folkmanis proud to present this springs Small Peacock. 6" LONG, 10" TALL, 11" WIDE Movable head, tail.

  • Mini Ray

    Art-Nr: 2773 Mini Ray byFolkmanis Puppet The little marine fish hovers calmly in your hand and absorbs its surroundings. He is a good observer who knows a wise saying now and then. But he is also small and therefore ready for bold games. Immediately he swims to you and tickles you behind the ear, watch out! 4" Long, 6" Wide, 1" Tall, 0.32 oz. Playable: Finger puppet

  • Mini Cottontail Rabbit

    Art-Nr: 2772 Mini Cottontail Rabbit by Folkmanis Puppets This little friend likes to take you to school or kindergarten if you need a companion. There is always room for him in Mamas or Daddys pocket, and hell banish boredom while traveling. You can whisper all secrets in his ear as he scents for eavesdroppers with his cute nose. Size: 5 13 cm long Playable: Finger puppet

  • Mini Harbor Seal

    Art-Nr: 2774 Mini Harbor Seal by Folkmanis Puppets This sweet little seal yearns for the sea, waves and seagulls. But she also likes you very much. Maybe you show her the big world beyond your nursery? Then you can write a postcard together and send it to the big seals, and then its time for new adventures. Size: 5 " 13 cm long Playable: Finger puppet

  • Mini Chipmunk with acorn

    Art-Nr: 2771 Mini Chipmunk with acorn by Folkanis Puppets "Where can I keep my acorn?" The little chipmunk likes to keep its treasure safe, but where was the entrance to its tunnel? Can you help him find it? Well done! And among good friends sometimes an acorn is shared. Size: 4 " 10 cm tall Playable: Finger puppet

  • Mini Mink

    Art-Nr: 2775 Mini Mink by Folkmanis Puppets The Folkmanis Mini Mink finger puppet is the perfect size for on-the-go, soft, cuddly fun! 10" Long, 3" Wide, 3" Tall, 1.44 oz. Fingerpuppet

  • Dinosaur Egg

    Art-Nr: 3134 Dinosaur Egg by Folkmanis Puppet Uh? Someone overslept 66 million years in his egg to slip right now! This cute dinosaur baby desperately needs someone to explain the world to him. Let his head slowly emerge from the eggshell and watch him again and again at his first moments in life. 6" Long, 6" Wide, 9" Tall Pop-up with movable mouth and arms

  • Hooting Owl

    Art-Nr: 3135 Hooting Owl by Folkmanis Puppets This night watchman looks at you with his severe eyes. His gaze has wisdom and knowledge in it, but also the willingness to let you have your own experiences. Maybe a "Huhu" sometimes escapes when it gets exciting with you again. Or he underlines the exciting part of a story, because he can tell countless stories. Size: 7" Long, 10" Wide, 16" Tall, Weight:16 oz. Movable beak and wings. Squeeze body to to hear Hooting Sound

  • Sitting Terrier

    Art-Nr: 3132 SitttingTerrier by Folkmanis Puppets My coat is as white as snow. Very attentively I look at you with my dear, watchful eyes. If you throw a stick for me, I want to start barking on it. May I be your playmate? Nobody is more loyal than me. Size: 12" Long, 10" Wide, 14" Tall, Weight:12.48 oz. Special Features: Movable mouth

  • Wombat

    Art-Nr: 3133 Wombat by Folkmanis Puppets Fresh from Down Under, this Aussie emigrant likes to dig his caves at your home. What will you do when his sweet face suddenly pops out of the sofa cushions or looks at you from under the covers? Smile at him and cuddle, of course. 16" Long, :9" Wide, 8" Tall Movable mouth

  • Small Cottontail Rabbit

    Art-Nr: 3130 Small Cottontail Rabbit by Folkmanis Puppets Brown and cuddly, that is your new best friend. If you stroke him, you will feel his silky soft ears. He is a good secret keeper and likes to go on any adventure with you. 8" Long, 6" Wide, 10" Tall, Weight:4.16 oz. Movable mouth and all legs

  • Three-Toed Sloth

    Art-Nr: 3131 Three-Toed Sloth by Folkmanis Puppet Mellow mannered and bearing a perpetual smile, the Folkmanis Three-Toed Sloth puppet will fool everyone with its realism. Design details feature extraordinary three-toned fabric that mimics actual fur, magnets attachments for hanging from arms and legs as well as secret pockets in the hands for added movement. Size: Length:13", Width:10", Height:20", Weight:18.08 oz. Movable mouth and arms. Magnet fasteners in arms and legs.

  • Small Lamb

    Art-Nr: 3129 Small Lamb by Folkmanis Puppets "Maa!" "Maa!" When this little lamb baas for his Ma, everybody wants to snuggle with it. His fluffy coat invites you to stroke. If you encourage him, he will explore the world outside his pasture with you. 7" Long, 8" Wide, 6" Tall, Weight:3.68 oz. Movable mouth and all legs